Khaled Web Developer

khalid web Professional developer with expertise in PHP and Laravel for web development, as well as Android app development  using Java. Proven track record in delivering high-quality code, collaborating seamlessly in team settings. and  meeting project deadlines consistently. Background includes valuable experience as a Technical S upport Engineer.     Eager to contribute technical proficiency and problem-solving skills to an innovative organization

: Skills 

Effective Communication
Android Studio

Technical support (internet connectivity, configuration)

Problem-solving skills


University ID confirmation system, Al-Neelain University (Laravel)

Improving the admission registration system (php).
Android application for Khartoum’s supply chain via barcode .(a project for obtaining a master’s degree).
An Android application promoting tourism in Sudan
Other projects were for the purpose of teaching and
helping students
Master degree – information technology   •   Al Neelain University
Bachelor degree – information technology   •   Al Neelain University

Work History khalid web

ALNeelain University
Sudan   •   September 2022 to present
– Developing university web application and maintain it .
– Using Laravel and PHP in developing web application
– Training staff for university subsystems .(certificate system ,
Financial system and other systems

Technical support specialist   •

ALNeelain University
Sudan      2018 to August 2021
–  khalid web Managed network environment .(hardware and software) .and resolved connectivity and router issues
– Provided customer support, offering solutions to .restore service and improve speed
– Maintained detailed equipment records and .efficiently handled technical support calls
-. Managing online exams and configuring exams server


khaled web